Hope this is the right spot for this, seems to be

I am looking at cloud servers, the problem is i dont have the time to setup a linux server and would like someone extremely knowledgable to do this for me.

I want an emphasis on security and an equal weight on lightweight efficiency, with a in depth ip tables firewall, a light but effective av program, and anything else that might be helpful in maintaining and making sure the server runs smooth.

Email would need to be setup to run, and thats it. I can load everything else i need.

I would choose the host and you basically do the setup, then ill change all the passwords

I would also like the option to keep your services available on a per use basis, if i need help with something or something goes wrong, i could call ya for some pay per use help.

please pm me with a quote and list some of your experience, or reply to this thread, but pm to talk exact details. thank you