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    Unhappy I'm very new to this, please help.

    Okay so here's the deal.

    I have no CDs or USB drives.
    I have a Dell latitude d610 with Windows xp.
    I am not tech savvy.
    I want Ubuntu on my pc.
    I'd like to get rid of windows after installing Ubuntu.

    Can you walk me through installing Ubuntu on my computer(without using other devices) and then getting rid of windows and pretty much any programs I don't need for Ubuntu?

    Thanks much!

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    I can help with the installation process. If you want to install ubuntu without a CD or USB drive, the only way I know is via the windows installer.
    This will install Ubuntu like a regular program in windows and you can choose to run ubuntu at boot. You can also remove Ubuntu like any other program if you don't like it. Here is the link to download the windows installer :
    Just click on get the installer and in the next page where they tell you to make a donation, click on "Not now, take me to the download" in the bottom left of the page. Then once downloaded, follow the instructions here :
    When you do this and boot to your new ubuntu, you can still use your windows files without getting rid of them, just leave them where they are. If you want to install Ubuntu and get rid of windows, you must have a cd or usb drive because you will have to format the HDD and this is done by booting to something else than windows which is on the HDD.
    I suggest that you try ubuntu with the windows installer to get familiar with it and see if you like it or not.

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    If you want Windows gone and only Ubuntu then you'll have to install it some other way besides Wubi(Windows Installer) because all that does it basically make a Virtual Machine with Ubuntu within Windows. You're going to have to break down and go buy a USB Key(drive or whatever you want to call it) at the local WalMart or Staples(4GB is plenty big enough) for a few bucks(they're not expensive) and then install UNetbootin into your Windows machine so you can make a Live USB to boot to so you can install.
    You also need to make sure your BIOS is set up to look at the USB before it looks at the internal hard drive of your computer, this is NOT a hard thing to do, just watch the screen and see which f key you press at start up(my dell is f10) and that'll take you into the BIOS screen. Then go to Boot Sequence and make sure USB is 1st then you can make hard drive 2nd or 3rd. This way when you put the Live USB into the USB port and start the machine it'll look at it first and boot to it for install.
    Really though, there's no way around getting a USB drive to put the .iso onto so you can load the Operating System onto your computer and wipe Windows off.
    It's not Rocket Surgery, LOL.

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    Thank you guys very much for the replies. I'll try to do this in the next 48 hours and let you know how it goes!

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