I bought a Raspberry Pi today. Now I try to install the recommended OS on a sd card.
I have a Windows 7 Laptop that hosts a VMware virtualized Linux Server OS from which I try to install the new OS. My external card reader for some reasons is not able to deal with the sd card. My internal card reader can not be added to the vmware virtualization. The workaround is to share the internal sd card from the windows laptop over the network. I can access the data from the sd card in the virtualized Linux OS.

However I dont know how to find out about the root of the shared sd card. My plan was to install the OS by the order:

dd bs4M if=/home/myname/Downloads/2013-07-26-wheezy-raspbian.img of=/dev/sdb

The of-root is like I would have installed the OS if the external card reader would have worked. Does anybody know how I can find out about the of root from the sd card which is on the network? Is this possible?

Thank you very much for helping!
Best Regards