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    No usable disks have been found

    Hello All.
    I've installed cento 56 and linux redhat 6 on my Dell Latitude. multiple times it worked fine. The other day I was playing around and I installed on the 2 Virtual machines. I went to install a 3rd, and that is when all "hell broke loose" so to speak.
    My laptop froze up. I had to shut off the machine and bring it back up. When I try to install back the desktop I keep getting the following "No usable disks have been found".

    That happens during the install after i click to go to basic install it gives me that message. Any one know what happend to my disks.

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    Not enough information. What virtual machine manager are you using? Which OS is the host for your virtual machines? What configuration options for the 3rd VM did you select?

    Normally, a virtual machine should not mung your physical drives.
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    To elaborate on what rubberman said
    When I try to install back the desktop I keep getting the following "No usable disks have been found".
    If this comes up before grub screen and bios does not recognize your hard drive. Then the platter bearings froze when you were fooling around.

    Happened to me once on a Panasonic CF-48 during a XP update cycle.

    Only option is to replace the drive.
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    Thanks for your responses. Rubberman here is the ans, to your questions.
    I am using Centos 6. I was able to install it on the laptop.
    I then went ahead to create 2 virtual machines using the virtual manager that comes with the Centos. I used the same Install disks CENTOS 6 for the Virtual machines.
    I then proceeded to install a 3rd one. I followed the same procedure like the first 2. I did nothing different. I went to fdisk partition utility to create a partion. At some point, I don't remember it said no disk found, or something like that. This message did not happen when I created the first 2.
    The machine then froze on me. I could not get the OS back. i had to shut down the machine.
    I tried to reinstall with the original Centos CD i've always used, and now during installing at the point where I choose use basic install, and then click next, I get no usabele disk found.

    Let me also state it has a 80gig HD, so I had more than enough space. I just think I got confused when creating th 3rd virtual machine
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    Sandy. What roky says needs to be checked out.

    Get into your bios and see if the bios sees the disk. If it does, run the ide tests that the bios provides. If both of these are ok, then do as rubberman suggests and look at any config settings you may have.

    Cheers - VP

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    Thanks to all who contributed. I will try your suggestions. Not sure how to "get into the bios to see disk" but I'll do some investigating. thanks again

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    I think F2 on boot should get a Latitude into BIOS.

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    Thanks slw210.
    I did that I'm checking the system info now.
    I'm looking at device info now. It shows:
    Primary Hard Drive = {none}
    Modular bay device = CD-RW/DVD Combo.

    I guess thats the answer to what voidpointer69 asked me., which was to see if bios sees the disk.
    The above for Primary HD says {none}.

    DOes this mean I have to get a new Hard drive installed as Rokytnji mentioned in his post, or is there other ways of trying to retreive it.?
    I can't see how the disk just vanished "scratching my head".

    Thanks again to all for your input.

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    You could just have a loose connection.

    Just open it up and check the hard drive, maybe clean the contacts.

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    slw210, thanks I will check that out...
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