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    how to install Debian over PCLinusOS on a dual os system w/xp

    I had a dual boot system with xp and mint. When I tried to install Debian over Mint it failed and I could not get into xp anymore. Now I have win 7 and PCLOS on another machine. I want to install Debain in place of PCLOS, but I dont want the install to fail and then stop me from booting into win 7. So, how do i do this?


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    Install to the correct partition. When you boot the Debian installation medium, open a terminal and run the command: sudo fdisk -l(Lower case Letter L in the command) This will output information on the partitions. You will have several columns of information and the far right will be System. Anything under that which has 'Linux' is obviously a Linux partition and the partitions are under the far left column, Device. If the System column shows HPFS/NTFS, you have a windows partition. Make a note of the partition under the Device column so that you do not install there. You will need to decide whether you want the default of installing the Debian Grub to the master boot record or not. That choice will be available so watch for it. Can't be any more detailed with the information you have posted.

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    I just tried to post more info, but i got this:

    "The following errors occurred with your submission

    You are only allowed to post URLs (http, ftp, @) to other sites after you have made 15 posts or more."

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    Just post with out the http etc.


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    I reinstalled xp and left some unformatted free space on my HDD for Debain. I tried again to install Debian and it failed...again. Im starting a new thread with specifics.

    Thanks for all your help and if youd like to continue, please see my new thread here:

    thanks much,

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