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    Building Mcrypt from Libmcrypt version problem

    Hello All
    How are u??
    I hope you're fine

    I'm compiling from source for educational purpose
    I want to make mcrypt from source and mcrypt need libmcrypt but i have a problem with the version when it compiled
    I compiled libmcrypt seccefuly but when i want compile mcrypt it told me that my version of libmcrypt is under 2.5.0 !!!! Here the problem
    I downloaded the latest libmcrypt from the sourceforge its version is 2.5.8 but i fail in the configure script of mcrypt !!!!
    Here the last piece from the output of configure script of mcrypt
    checking for libmcrypt-config... /usr/local/bin/libmcrypt-config
    checking for libmcrypt - version >= 2.5.0... no
    *** Could not run libmcrypt test program, checking why...
    *** The test program compiled, but did not run. This usually means
    *** that the run-time linker is not finding LIBMCRYPT or finding the wrong
    *** version of LIBMCRYPT. If it is not finding LIBMCRYPT, you'll need to set your
    *** LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable, or edit /etc/ to point
    *** to the installed location  Also, make sure you have run ldconfig if that
    *** is required on your system
    *** If you have an old version installed, it is best to remove it, although
    *** you may also be able to get things to work by modifying LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    configure: error: *** libmcrypt was not found

    Can someone expert try to compile mcrypt + libmcrypt (Both from the source)

    i downloaded everything from ht tp://sour ceforge.n et/projects/mcrypt/ (mcrypt + libmcrypt) please remove the spaces in the link

    Does there a problem in the mcrypt configure script??!!!

    Thank you all

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    i was able to get farther than you with these steps:

    mkdir /opt/mcrypt
    mkdir ~/src/mcrypt
    cd ~/src/mcrypt
    tar jxf libmcrypt-2.5.8.tar.bz2
    cd libmcrypt-2.5.8
    ./configure --prefix=/opt/mcrypt
    make install
    cd ..
    tar zxf mcrypt-2.6.8.tar.gz
    cd mcrypt-2.6.8
    ./configure --prefix=/opt/mcrypt --with-libmcrypt-prefix=/opt/mcrypt

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    Thank you

    I found the problem and solved it
    I was having 2 libmcrypt installed in my linux
    One from the distribution and the second which i have installed it
    So for i solved this problem i would have to change some environnement variables
    And everything works fine

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    great, glad you got it sorted.

    i'll mark this as Solved for you. Note that you can do this yourself using the Thread Tools link at the top of the page.

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