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    Issues Re-igniting life in an old pc

    Hi there, kind of a strange issue. not sure If I should post here or in the windows forums, but figured I'd get better help here.

    (TL;DR: My DVD/CD drive will only recognise windows dvd's as bootable discs, totally ignoring all Linux distro's.)

    I tried re-igniting the flame of life in my old Aspire 5500Z today, with no succes. I started by backupping all the old files from my Windows XP install, and tried USB-booting into Lubuntu. No succes, Bios does not support USB boot.

    Okay, no problem, let's go the DVD route. Pc does not find any bootable discs in the drive after inserting a Lubuntu DVD. Huh, weird, I boot up the windows partition again, DVD drive seems to work fine, so I try PuppyLinux. Same issue. I install Ubuntu via the Wubi installer, it works fine, so that isn't the Issue either.

    But wanting a lighter distro than Ubuntu, I try again with a fresh Lubuntu DVD. No Bootable disc found. I try a windows XP DVD. Boots right into the DVD, no problem. What the...

    Final attempt, I try using PLoP to use a USB drive anyway, no succes, PLoP was not recognised as bootable media.

    Could anyone explain what is happening and tell me some possible solution? Would be much appreciated

    Thanks for your time,

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    try entering bios with a usb stick already inserted into computer to see if you get option to boot from usb then. also you know those operating systems you have on those discs need to be .iso images burned to the disc,right?(some people dont). do you have bios set to boot from cd/dvd rom drive. There is also a boot sequence. you can set to boot from hard drive and something else, but you need to set the order in some bios as well.

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    Is this you? Acer Aspire 5500 notebook specifications

    If so be more elaborate on specs. Like was the ram upgraded from 512MB to 2gig or not. CPU specifications:
    Manufacturer / Family Model Features
    Intel Pentium M 735A 1.7 GHz, L2 2 MB

    You know stuff like that. Boot options in Bios?

    I own a Acer Aspire One 9 inch ZG5 that boots Linux and coexists/dualboot with Windows XP with a atom processor and 1 gig of ram.
    On my Wifes Acer Aspire 5534 that I borrow once in a while. I stick in this card and run
    SolydXK forums ? View topic - My Linux install on a 128MB sd flash card.
    Puppy Linux Discussion Forum :: View topic - Guy Dog 5.0.1

    If just 512MB of ram and a Pentium P4. Well. I did one of these on a few laptops with close specs.
    antiX-forum - View topic - antiX-13
    antiX-forum - View topic - antiX-13

    I have used a Plop floppy and a Plop CD successfully myself to boot usb live on usb 1.1 with no bios usb boot support. So not sure where you are going wrong.
    My suggestion for a P4 laptop with 512MB of ram whose iso fits on a cd instead of dvd and the kernel is hand made for older hardware (BIASED FLAG FLYING)

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    Howdy and Welcome from Texas and Happy Trails, Rok

    Edit: Since you asked. I bet you are going wrong burning Linux cds as data instead of images.

    The other things is use good quality cd media and burn slowly at like 3x to 8x speed.
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    Hello and Welcome!
    Just to rule it out, how did you burn your Linux discs? Did you burn them as an image?
    See here for more info on that.

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    Hi there , thanks for the help

    Yeas, those notebook specs look correct, and the serial's the same except for the Z at the end.

    The CPU specs you posted are identical to what the Bios reports, however, I remember Windows reporting 2GB's of ram, the Bios is only reporting one. (I can't check windows again since I wiped the HDD, so let's assume 1GB.)

    Boot options are as followed,

    1. CD-ROM/DVD Drive
    2. Hard Drive
    3. Floppy Device
    4. Network Boot

    (this is also the boot order, aka DVD first, hdd second, floppy third etc)

    Also, I'm not going wrong on the burning. Aside from more than enough experience with installing OS's from scratch, I checked and the DVD with Lubuntu on it functions perfectly in my main pc.

    What is this older-hardware specific kernel you're talking about? seems relevant.

    Thanks again for you help,

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    What is this older-hardware specific kernel you're talking about? seems relevant.
    Well, to put it in country boy terms. The 32bit kernel is made in i486 so it is more compatible across the board with more hardware from the old days.
    Though, we also make a 64bit kernel version also for newer gear also which I also run on a multi core processor IBM tower.

    Better explanations on any questions regarding AntiX from my Buddy dolphin_oracle at

    Edit: for any 32 bit screenshots of mine.Use the screenshots thread here.. Also Last years thread has my stuff in it also.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    It.. worked. holy ****. thank you, friend. You have both educated and helped me.


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