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    Coversion to Software Raid 1 - Boot dracut device does not exists

    In process of converting a system from intel matrix storage manager to software raid after having so trouble with a recent disk failure. I attempted the conversion manually and hit some boot errors. Thinking I missed something I found an opensource tool raider that appears to do the same steps I followed but hitting same boot errors.

    Boot error seen:

    /dev/disk/by-uuid/8e7ddc44-9fb1-4dd7-8dfb-5269ebbd74d6 does not exist'
    /dev/disk/by-uuid/8e7ddc44-9fb1-4dd7-8dfb-5269ebbd74d6 is the root md device.


    1. Reinstall of grub2
    2. Attempted to point at physical device, however since the block is of type linux raid seems loader will not be able to understand it.

    Debug of blkid, grub.cfg, and dmesg output on boot attached. Any guidance is much appreciated to this problem.
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    You need to change the "/dev/disk/by-uuid/8e7ddc44-9fb1-4dd7-8dfb-5269ebbd74d6" to be the correct drive. The "uuid" is not the same for different drives.

    This is in the grub configuration file.

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