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    Distro for Storage Server - opinions

    I'm looking to build out a Linux storage server, but I'm not quite sure what's the best choice. I know there are many different flavors of Linux, and it really comes down to your own preference. I'm usually working/learning with CentOS, but some people have recommended SUSE as a storage server. I've also noticed RedHat has a administration guide to configure a single node storage server.

    I'm just curious what do other consider when choosing a distro for a storage server? I know RHEL is an enterprise, but could I follow that guide to build out the storage server on CentOS?

    Just looking for some direction and advice.


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    Hi and welcome

    At home I use FreeNAS Project - Open Source Storage - FreeNAS Project which might also be a option in a professional environment.
    It is based on freebsd and given supported hardware provides a stable platform and useful features such as zfs as local filesystem, cifs,nfs as network filesystem, rsync, iscsi, etc
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    Thanks Irithori! Yea I've been peaking at the FreeNAS, I even installed it a few months ago. I'm thinking this might be my best free option. From what I could tell, it had quite a bit of features. I tried running the Nexenta NAS, using the community edition which I know isn't for enterprise, but it wasn't stable. Under heavy load the device would crash. Nexenta is very picky on the hardware it runs on.

    Still for whatever reason the RHEL intrigues me. But I won't get funding for that solution. Thanks for the feedback mate!


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    I recommend Debian. It's one of the most widely used distros for servers, and it's very stable. But if you want to learn RHEL, then CentOS is probably preferable for you. Learning the package manager is the biggest hurdle when switching between Debian-based and RedHat-based systems. They both work.

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    The recommendations already made are all good. If its storage only that you're after then I'd personally recommend FreeNAS. However, if you wish to also play with Linux and some of the other server features it can and does provide then I would recommend Ubuntu Server Edition (non-GUI) along with the installation of WEBMIN which is a browser based configuration mgmt facility. It allows secure access via your browser and allows not only the definition/establishment/mgmt of storage areas and disks, but allows you to play and implement other server features as you see fit. Good luck.

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