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    Help with multiple logical partitions and installing multiple distros

    Hello, new to the forms. Ive been using linux for a while and know my way around a live cd and how to make them and everything. But I just recently reformated my laptop and want to do it really well this time. My hard drive is 640 gigs or so, I made a 500 gig extended partition, a 50 gig boot partition with ntfs, and the rest I made linux swap space (yes I know thats alot but I had nothing else to do with it.). I went through the extended partition and divided it up into 5, 100 gig partitions all formated ext4. I am looking to install a good open source bootloader that can sense multiple installations automatically, which I am using plop bootloader right now (If you have a better suggestion then please for the love of all things tell me), and I am going to put a different linux distribution on each of those 5 logical partitions. The problem is on each live disk, I keep having trouble with the partition selection. Its really confusing so I cant give specifics, but mostly its like im not being allowed to select the logical drives for the installation. I was wondering if there was maybe a boot disk utility for installing linux distros, like you boot it up and it is more geared toward the installation process instead of using the built in installer. If theres not then thats fine, but what I really need help with is putting those distributions on the different logical partitions. I am trying to put zorrin on the first one, opensuse on the second one, kali on the third one and then leave the other two alone for now. Is this possible?

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    I've never seen that problem, being unable to install to a logical partition with any Linux. Is there any operating system on the laptop now or is it clean?
    Both Grub Legacy and Grub2 usually detect other operating systems already installed and create entries for them in the boot menu. If you have no operating system installed and seem not to be able to put one on a logical partition, I would suggest you give it another go with a pen and paper handy to take notes and post specific messages/errors or events so someone can respond. There is absolutely no reason you would not be able to install any of the Linux distributions you mention on a Logical partition.

    Right now I have windows 7 which came pre-installed and 12 different Linux distributions on my computer. All the Linux are on Logical partitions. If you go to the 'Just Linux' website, there is a post there by a member 'saikee' explaining in detail how he installed and booted 140 operating systems on one computer.

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    In most distro installers there are "advanced" options for manually provisioning the disks. You need to get rid of that huge swap (5GB is way more than enough) and set up a small (once again 5GB is more than enough) partition for the bootloader to reside on. Grub will work just fine for the bootloader and is standard on most/many distros now. Each distro install will have to be manually set to share the swap and boot partitions. I'd also probably set up just one data partition and tell all of the distros to share it. This will accomplish a couple of things: 1) Make it easier to manage disk provisioning 2) Give you access to all of your data in every distro. What you would do is set each one up with its own root partition and then use the data partition as home for all of them. They way they all share boot, swap and home but each have their own root partitions. During setup, after the first distro is installed, you'll also need to tell all subsequent installs not to overwrite the ./home partition during install.

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    That sounds like a great idea steven, Im gonna do that. And thank you yancek, Im glad to know its at least possible, Ill look into it some more.

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