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    Installing to a disk on a PCI controller card

    I'm new to Linux and I recieved Suse Linux Professional 9.1 from Novell on DVD. The drive I want to install Linux to is connected to a 3rd party controller card (Promise SATA2 Tx2Plus). I downloaded drivers for Suse Linux from Promise, but when I bring up the installation program I don't see an option to use a 3rd party controllers (like the F6 option when installing windows). It only shows the partition that I don't want Linux installed on (2 SATA drives RAID 0). It shows the RAID drives both individually and together, and I don't want to screw up my RAID array. Any help? Thanx in advance.

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    If it's a Promise card, it has onboard BIOS -- Linux should see it natively and treat it just the same as standard hard drives.

    I used to have a machine with 8 IDE drives (1TB drive space) that used a Promise card for the extra 4 drives -- no extra drivers needed.

    While my experience with the Promise cards are for the IDE models only, I'm pretty sure they are the same with SATA versions.
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    That's the problem. I started up the installer, and it didn't recognise it. It had the SATA drives and IDE drive on my mobo's native controller, but not the one on the Promise card.


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