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    To Hell With Your Flavors! I'm Craving Vanilla.

    Would anyone care to walk me through setting up a full-featured command-line Linux? If a straightforward tutorial exists, it's buried under 40 metric tons of LiveCDs and mixed up jargon.

    These are my specs: (and here-in lies the challenge)

    • Memory - 64 MB DRAM
    • GPU - S3 ViRGE DX onboard
    • Capacity - 1 x 4 GB HDD
    • OS - Windows 98
    • CPU - AMD K6 MMX 300 MHz
    • CDROM and Floppy bootable

    Zero internet connectivity, hence why I mentioned "full-featured" above. Manually installing packages and managing dependencies is like a waking nightmare for a noobie like me. GCC is a must.

    Save me Linux Guru-nobi, you're my only hope!!

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Honestly, I think 2 of the better options might be either Debian or Slackware.
    Both can run on specs similar to yours, though Debian might prove to be slightly less of a challenge due to package management.
    Also, you can either download or purchase the full software repository on disc to allow for post-installation software additions.

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    With only 64 MB of ram, you will be limited to something like slitaz or DSL. Most modern distro's take at least 256 MB ram, and many take 512 or more. Go to the site of what ever distro you are interested in and check for their current minimum hardware requirements. Beware, however, that some sites aren't good about changing the minimums as new editions come out.
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    CPU - AMD K6
    Might need i486 kernel based Operating system so that leaves out

    So Tiny Core Linux

    Probably a install how to if you look through

    or youtube.

    otherwise go with installing Antix Core Iso
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    This was all very helpful. After further research, Debian seems like my best bet. DSL works great, but doesn't suit my experience level or my specific needs on the software side.

    Antix and TinyCore require too much RAM.

    Downloading Debian-i386 now... fingers crossed.

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    Try Nanolinux, it's the smallest OS I've seen in years, just 14 MB! distrowatch .com/table.php? distribution =nanolinux

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    If there's absolutely no way you can bump up your RAM specs a bit then you'll be stuck with very few distros that'll run on your system. If you could even get it up to 265MB you'd open up a lot of choice. Best thing to do is hit Distro Watch and go to their Search area and see what they have. Best of luck to ya', keep us posted.
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    Vectorlinux Light Edition is usable in 64MB of RAM according to their site - and that's with a GUI. I guess you could make it boot a command line by chanfing the run level and it would use even less.

    The requirements as on their site are: Pentium 166 or better, 64MB RAM minimum, 1.8GB hard drive space for full system - more for your data.
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    Considering the age of the machine this doesnt surprise me.
    If you want something good get a new computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadmanRB View Post
    Considering the age of the machine this doesnt surprise me.
    If you want something good get a new computer.
    I've hobbled this PC together from scrap and junkers for zero dollars. If I can turn this into a useful learning tool, it will be a mark of pride for me.

    As an update, I've delved a little deeper into Damn Small Linux and found that there is a way to replace BusyBox with the core GNU-Utils, so I've installed it to the HDD and am now searching high and low for a way to swap the utils manually or a compatible scrap Network Interface Card.

    Wish me luck!

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