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    Installing Red Hat 9

    I'm a real newbie here and I want to install red hat 9. I have a 40GB disk with four partitions C,D,E and F 10 GB each. I already have Win98 installed in C: and WinXP Pro. in D:. I would like to install linux in partition F: since I can free up the space in that drive and I want to preserve my files on other drives. I've read the installation guide from and I have basically two questions. One is relating the partition step of the installation. Should I choose manual or automatic partitioning? and if I choose manual what would be the best partitioning scheme.
    My second question is regarding the booting. I wanted to be able to use all the three operating systems. How should I configure this?

    Please help.

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    back when i had a computer with linux that worked right..........

    you take and use disk druid and format the right partition to a linux format

    later in the setup make sure you add linux to the master boot record and that you have all the OS's load on there.

    Then linux should pop up and let you pick which OS to boot from...

    It usually comes out nice and clean

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    in my experience with newer distros (ex.. redhat 9 and up) I choose automatic partitioning if you already have the partition ready and or free space and then tell it to use free space or whatever is relevant. usually there is an option (check box) to review before commiting, just make sure thats checked so you can see what its doing.

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    I've got another question. I read in the guide about the bios problem that it cannot access more than 1024 cylinders from the hard drive. Since i'll be installing in drive F: so how will I know that the bios will support it. I have a soltek motherboard which i bought about 2.5 years ago.

    Please help.

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    My bios is award bios.

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