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    Question Show Windows7 in GRUB loader

    Hello. I just installed Debian after Windows7.
    As I recall I have:
    sda1: Windows7
    sda2: ...
    sda3: Debian

    And I installed the loader on sda2. How can I please restore my Windows in the loader options?

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    install debian to sda3 and install grub to sda the master boot record..this allows boot option of debian or win7, assuming that sda2 is the win7 default recovery partition.

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    I reinstalled everything.. made some other mistakes (especialy because grub identified Win7 as Vista and got confused). But finally I understood a few ways that solve the problem: Option 1(EASY, BUT TAKES LONG TO INSTALL). you can reinstall debian and grub;
    or my favorite:
    Option 2(VERY EASY, just more text to describe steps).
    Summary of steps: a) Reinstall grub; b)set root and new user (if necesary);
    A) You can reinstall just grub from the boot CD/USB by going to the advanced options->rescue mode->select the partition where you installed Debian (sda3 in my case)->"Reinstall grub"(or something like that)->select Master(to make it the main loader). Then restart and grub should work.
    B) My user was gone and root password changed, but that is very easy to fix by selecting Debian..(Recovery). You get instant acces to root and can use 'adduser' to add a user and 'passwd' to change root password.

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    very good
    yes other options, thanks for posting
    reinstall takes longer but offers clean slate.

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    In Fedora using grub2 one would open a terminal as root and enter:
    grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
    and then enter:
    grep menuentry /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
    and that should show your menu entries to choose at boot.


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