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    Trouble with dvd installs

    Hi, first post on the forums.
    I think Linux is cool - just the whole concept of it-
    and now the variety of distros and the advances made - wow!

    I'm not a linux techno person - so patience please.

    I burned a dvd of deepin after downloading to my mac -
    but, tried to load it on 3 different older windows laptops.
    Didn't work. (burned at slowest 1x )
    I can't even run it live never mind install.

    I don't think it's seen as bootable though the
    dvd will show what's on it on the desktop - 1.5 GB info etc.
    I changed the bios boot order. Nope.
    Did this also with Makulu and Elementary too.
    Downloaded, burned - but alas, a no go.
    Just boots from the hard drive no matter which distro.

    But when I got the last two distros from ebay and an online site
    both loaded.
    What did they do that I'm not doing?
    Why don't the ones that are homemade work?

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    Is the download good? try puppy it is small..pae for newer computers.. NO-pae for older computers. note the size of the download. here

    Download latest Puppy Linux release

    or here

    Index of /puppylinux/puppy-slacko-5.7/

    did you burn the iso correctly

    does the laptop have an optical drive that will boot the media is rw drive is rw

    try again and post back

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    yes the laptop has CD write
    and DVD write, so that part is ok I guess.
    I should have time this eve. to try that Apple
    link info. Hopefully that'll do it.
    thanks for the reply

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    You didn't say much about how you burned it. With a DVD image (i.e. *.iso) you have to use burning software the ability to create a disc from an iso image.

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    Like ImgBurn
    Possibility, as well, is some combo writers dont work with Linux (although I found this only on older desktops).


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    Hi - ok
    this is from the Apple thread:

    1. Open Disk Utility

    2. Drag & drop the .iso onto the left panel (under where you see your HD listed), or in some other manner get it into the left panel (may vary with the version of OSX you are using)

    3. Highlight the .iso

    4. Choose "Convert" at the top

    5. IMPORTANT: Choose "DVD/CD master" for the image format

    6. For encryption choose "none"

    7. Click "Save", and make sure the file type is ".cdr" (you can keep the .iso if you want as well)

    8. After some time, you will have another image; burn that image

    9. Insert a writable CD or DVD, and choose the slowest possible burn time (for safety)

    10. Choose to verify the disk you are burning as well, then click "Burn"

    11. Depending on what OS built the .iso, the result may not be readable by your Mac, but the PC or hypervisor where you will install it will be able to read and boot it

    Got to step 7, now with 'deepin etc,etc iso.' then just type in cdr after iso and I'm good to go?

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    here is another approach

    Howto: burn an .iso image on a Mac using Burn - YouTube

    I am sorry, my apple is rather old and has a dvd rom so I did not know the answer. never burned an iso on it. I suspected you had an issue burning and googled. osx appeared to use .cdr rather than iso and thus requires conversion.

    if you agree then when you click save you should have an option to choose a file type which should be.cdr and an option to save the iso and will save to a location. thus good to go burn the resulting .cdr image.

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    I think I figured out step 7.
    Followed the other steps and burned a dvd.
    Tried to load but it didn't work.

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    You need to have a look at the application BURN which is a free download for osx and explained in the video link I posted above. like I said, if the download is good and the burn is good then it is a matter of the laptop spec. it just seems hard you will get there.

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    Thanks for the encouragement and the welcomes.
    Gotta go to work, been busy lately - but hopefully
    I can try that in the next day or so.
    So 'burn' can be used on my macbook?

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