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    Tripple boot system with win 7, opensuse & linux mint

    Hi guys

    i have installed on laptop 3 OS's.
    First i installed Win 7 , then Opensuse & after Linux Mint 17 Quina. after install there are some points i want to clear please let me know :
    1). after triple boot system my win 7 key not being recognized i wonder if due to triple boot system its like that.

    2).Does triple boot lowers OS speed, suppose if i run opensuse will it run slow or if i run Linux mint will it run slow due to many operating systems.

    3). I installed windows 7 & opensuse in primary partition and managed its swap, root and boot partition, but while i installed mint i formatted last remaining space on disk and made swap root & boot partitions. so when i was formatting there were two boot partitions one for opensuse and one for Linux mint, i am not sure if mint was installed in its root and boot partition or opensuse's root partition.
    so very important point so please let me know when we triple boot and installing 3rd operating system as Linuxmint and creating its boot, root & home partitions in the last will it be installed to it root and boot there were made in the last. I selected last root partition and clicked next/ continue and installed it.

    4). In the last i installed Linuxmint and made another boot partition for Linuxmint only of 2GB approx. is it good or no need to make a boot partition as it already created for opensuse before.

    Now all operating system running but problems and doubts are as given above please comment to give me some insight.

    Thanks all...

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    Don't know all the answers to your question but I'll answer what I can. You can only boot into one OS at a time so have 3 or 20 won't affect the speed of how the OS runs since the OS you've booted to will have full system resources.
    IIRC you can use a single Swap partition for both Linux installs so there's no need to have one for SUSE and one for Mint since the OS you boot to will use the Swap that's there and only one OS can run at a time so one Swap is fine.
    Personally, I gave up on multi-boot systems some time ago. I think it's better to pick a single Distro that you can live with and use it and learn how to use it rather then trying to jump back and forth between Distros. If you're not married to either one you might give something Arch based a try like Manjaro or Antergos. Both will give you access to the AUR which has a bazillion packages to download and both use pacman which I find to be easier for me to use then anything else like apt-get, ect.
    As for Windows 7, IIRC it's going bye bye in January of 2015 so it's time to find something else to use.

    "Mainstream Windows support for the operating system would end on January 13 2015, therefore, it is believed that patches and hot fixes will still be released until then. In case of extended Windows support, where Microsoft no longer accepts warranty claims and mitigates its security patching frequency slightly. This will continue until January 14 2020."
    Windows 7 PCs Will Be Available For Purchase Until November 2014 | Microsoft Windows Support
    No matter where ya' go, there ya' are.

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    I would not concern myself at all that MS will cut off support for Win 7 anytime soon. The corporate world did not embrace Win 8 and nobody knows whether Win 9 will be any better. MS cannot afford to offend the corporate world so they will support Win 7 for another 5 years at least. Having a triple boot system seems unwieldy to me - dual boot I understand as all of mine are that...

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    IDK, they may end up POing the corp world. They really don't want 7 to become the next XP and are pushing 9 really hard. Maybe if 9 is as big a POS as 8 we'll get some corps picking up *nix. But I doubt it. You'll probably have a bunch of 3rd parties step in and claim they can keep supporting your 7 install, just like they did with XP. If you look around on the net there are all kinds of buttheads claiming they can keep your XP install secure for years to come for the right price. And a lot of people will buy that crap, literally, and keep running XP and the sec holes in basic stuff like ATMs will just keep getting bigger and bigger.

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