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    linux server vs linux desktop kde/GNOM etc for choosing development

    Hi all
    1).i am thinking if i install Linux server on my laptop will it work good, RAM 2GB , HDD 320GB & Processor Intel 2.2 GHz.
    2).Which linux server for faster development i feel ubuntu but then i think Debian is great but then i think opensuse... please guide.

    3). if i install say opensuse or debian server then can i do all that i can do with desktop version like install audio/videos/editing programming etc. will it all work good for development also on server.

    Thanks & best regards.

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    In reality, the only difference between a linux server and a desktop are the applications you install in top of the linux kernel. Some server-oriented distros like Debian and CentOS are a bit behind the Desktop distros in the version of their kernels, this to ensure stability. So, you may install any distro you want/like but I would go with Debian or CentOS mainly because the quantity of documentation and applications available on their repositories

    Good luck

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    thanks for reply,

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    I'd say use a desktop version for development and choose what works well with your hardware. I wouldn't choose a fringe distro - but anything that has a good support team and is based off a main distro and updated frequently should do. My main development laptop is Xubuntu and dektop is OpenSUSE. I've used others and been quite happy with them as well.

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