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    Multiple Distros

    I've been enjoying Voyager on my 1.6 Ghz Toshiba (w/XP.)
    Tried to get Hybryde - but it didn't work.
    Downloaded Cylon instead. Pretty nice.
    Used it live on said Toshiba and even the compiz cube effect worked.

    Worked aok on my 2.2 Ghz Toshiba too - it has Vista (the greatest OS ever made!!).

    I might install on the 2.2 to hard drive Cylon - if I was to install
    other distros w/Vista and a Linux, is it basically easy?
    Would they have to, say, be all ubuntu based?
    Is there a sequence as to what distro might be installed first?
    The goal would be to have Vista, Linux 1, Linux2 etc on the boot menu so I could choose.

    sub question - (another one I might try in the mix is Ultimate - but I read some had issues with downloading w/ and w/out donation - any problems experienced by anyone?)

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    Multibooting is easy. You use something like Partition Magic or gparted to shrink your Windows partition (back it up first!) then partition the empty space and install a different Linux into each partition.

    Most Linux distros use GRUB as their bootloader, and GRUB will boot Windows too. It displays a menu of available systems and you can boot into whichever one you want.
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    Ok -
    so, I guess I could install
    Linux A next to Vista, use
    gparted in that Linux, move things around,
    then when I choose a Linux B - install
    that to free space.


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