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    Can't boot live distributions

    I have an Intel Core 2 Duo system, and I was experimenting with running different Linux live distributions on it. A while back, the video card went bad on the computer. I didnít know what was wrong so I took the system into the place where I bought it. They replaced the video card. Even though the computer will boot the operating systems I have installed on the internal hard drive. I cannot get it to boot live distributions successfully anymore.

    I tested the live distribution I currently have by booting from it on another system and it booted successfully, so Iím pretty sure thereís nothing wrong with the thumb drive I try to boot from. When I try to boot off of the thumb drive on my system, I get a menu to select how I want to boot, and then some text scrolls across the screen and eventually the output stops and the computer just sits there.

    Iím not sure how relevant it is; here is an example of the last few lines that appear on the screen when I try to boot:

    [ 9251752] sd 10:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg4 type 0
    [ 9251974] sd 10:0:0:1: Attached scsi generic sg5 type 0
    [ 9313567] sd 10:0:0:0: [sdd] Attached SCSI removable disk
    [ 9317564] sd 10:0:0:1: [sde] Attached SCSI removable disk

    I donít know if this means there might be some other problem with the system, and I should take it in to get looked at again, or if there is some other way to solve the problem.

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    Those lines are not enough. Can you post the picture of your screen?
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    I'm a total noob.
    Got troubles installing Ubuntu because of my NVidia GPU. It comes with Optimus, and Linux doesn't like it^^
    Hope it helps.

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    I have attached a picture of the screen after the boot process fails. I'm not sure how useful it is as there don't appear to be any error messages. Maybe someone can figure something out.
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