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    HP DL360 G3 Setup Idea

    I have gotten my hands on the server in the title, an HP DL360 G3. I had a rather fun idea for using it, as follows:

    Run two installations of Solaris. One just as a general OS using one CPU and one of the SCSI drives.

    The second installation having the other CPU and HDD dedicated for an active firewall and network administration (nothing big, couple of desktops, one NAS, laptop, two tablets, and two phones).

    Is this something possible to do, and if so how complex am I looking at it getting? I am mediocre at best with Linux/Unix, but I can learn easily enough, and I don't mind spending time learning and repeatedly wiping the server to start over again.

    Feel free to pelt me with insults if my idea is stupid, just tell me WHY it's stupid, and what way is better to go. I'm just looking at doing the dual OS idea as a fun project and for better security. Having to get through two OS logins and then to the firewall files would make it a LOT harder for anyone to come over and mess with my crap.
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    You cannot run both instances at the same time. Even though you have 2 CPU's, you only have one motherboard and support hardware. You could run one as the primary host OS, and the other in a virtual machine to accomplish what you want, but you CANNOT run them natively on the hardware as you describe.
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