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    Dual boot (debian/win7) total disaster

    Ok, so I had finally got hold of an extra ssd, and I was going to setup the ultimate computer experience.

    I already installed Debian on my fist hdd, so I mounted my new hdd to the computer and installed Windows7 on it.

    Now the system only boots into Windows.

    So I run the ubunty live cd and download 'boot repair', and simply press "Recommended repair". I reboot and everything seems perfekt, I can easily choose which OS I want to run in GRUB, and both works fine.

    SDA = Debian
    SDB = Windows7

    But then suddenly, yesterday, when I return to my computer after doing some other stuff, the screen is blank - so I restart the computer.
    The first thing I notice is that GRUB takes a bit longer to load, and when I try to boot Debian, it displays some kind of error message(which I dont remember).
    This was yesterday and pretty late, so I simply ran Windows for the rest of that day.

    When I woke up today I decided to try to reinstall grub, so I did the same thing as before - booted from live-cd, downloaded BootRepair.

    I also found a check-box in the advanced settings, 'purge boot-loader' or something like that, so I marked it and went through an extra process in terminal to completly purge grub from my SDA(Debian), and then reinstalled a new GRUB.
    This time when I rebooted I could not load neither Debian or Windows.

    I unmounted my SDA(Debian) hdd, and started the computer with only my Windows hdd. To my surprise I see the same old GRUB screen, which detected both SDA(which I had removed) and windows. None of them booted.

    So the next thing I did was to unmount my SDB(Windows) and install Linux Mint on my SDA, replacing debian. It worked and I am now writing this on that installation.

    The problem is I cant access my SDB any more, not even GRUB finds it. When I unmount my SDA and try to start with only windows the computer simply freezes after boot-screen.

    When I try to run Live-cd it gets stuck on the loading screen if I have AHCI enabled, and when I have AHCI disabled the live-cd boots but cant find the HDD.

    If I try with the Windows 7 installer cd, it doesn't find the hdd, even if I have AHCI enabled.

    BIOS finds the hdd.

    Writing this I realize how incautious I have been.

    Any clues?

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    Another strange thing is that my restart-button simultaniously stopped working, it freezes in boot-screen. Same thing if I edit bios and restart from there. No problems occur if I turn off computer and then start it...

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