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    Question install with BTRFS: subvolume/partition scheme?

    Hi all,
    I'm a newbie
    I'd like to install GNU/Linux on a single drive (SSD) desktop computer.
    The filesystem of choice is BTRFS and a couple of thing are not really clear to me:
    - is a swap partition still necessary and what's the best fs for it?
    - what partition scheme would you suggest?

    I thought about 2 different btrfs partitions, one for /home and one for / (root) but from what I read if I'm giving the raw drive to BTRFS that would be more beneficial performance-wise, is that correct? (actually I don't even know if 2 btrfs partitions on the same drive is even possible).

    If should I got for "donating" the raw/whole drive to btrfs which subvolumes scheme would you suggest for an easy management of the snapshots and backups? should /home be a subvolume or that's not really necessary...

    Many thanks and sorry if some questions may sound silly!

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    From my quick read about btrfs is that it doesn't yet support swap partitions and swap files. You would likely need a separate partition of disc for that - not sure as I have never used it. I may have to experiment in a virtual machine to learn more.

    My advice is to read and learn as much about it as you can before you commit. It sounds good, but until I can get my hands on it and push it to the limits, I can't say much more.
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