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    Trouble installing Linux

    I have been trying to install linux on my system for some time now and I have been unsuccessful every time. I have tried Ubuntu, deepin, linux mint and ElementaryOS(which is the one I really want). every OS come up with an error screen. I'll put some pictures here for you to see.

    ElementaryOS Error Screen:


    Mint Linux:


    My Computer Specs:
    12gb Ram
    4 Disks 250gb - 500gb
    Nvidia Gforce Gaming MSI 750 ti
    Intel i5 4440 3.1 ghz
    Gigabyte motherboard b85m-d3h

    Thanks in advance.

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    For me, doesn't like yer pix. I think someone *fixed* something, and now it's more broken than before. There's been some issues like that recently. Maybe they're upgrading to HTML5. Then site admin doesn't even have to cut & paste code properly. They just assume client-side will cover yer *ss. They don't care. The "SUBMIT" button has been fixed also because they're fed up with yer *****in about it.

    See ^^^. Everything fixed.

    Anyway, I have no idea WTF yer yappin about. I did read your post, so that's a plus. Something doesn't work the way you expected? Try explaining things better. There's all sorts of guidebooks out there.

    Take care.

    Peace and Cheer.

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    I'm sorry if I offended you in any way and that my post wasn't clear enough. When i install any linux distro it gives me errors the most common one I see on the long list is "Terminated by Signal 9 (Killed)" the pictures were supposed to show the error screen, but anyways I have tried both USB & Live CD installs and linux just doesn't seem to get to the installation screen it doesn't even reach the screen where I choose if I want to install or try it first.

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    Just to get the hardware aspect out of the way, have you run anything else on it? Were you running Windows before you switched to Linux?

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    Might help. Might not.


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    Thank you guys but I already solved the issue it was a problem with my nvidia graphics card. Linux doesn't like it unless I run the install with nomodeset, that's what they told me in the ubuntu forums. But thank you very much for your time

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