About an hour ago, I had installed the newest xfce spin of Fedora. Before my problem, which I'll get to in a second, I was dual booting fine with Linux Mint and Windows 8. My problem is that I don't get the dual boot screen when I boot my laptop. It automatically boots right into Fedora. I'm assuming the reason being is because I had selected for fedora to use it's own boot partition or whatever during the installation but didn't realize it. I do have a windows recovery disk that I'm guessing I could use to boot up on and fix the problem with the Bootrec /fixmbr and Bootrec /fixboot commands, but I don't know if I would have to delete the partitions that Linux is using which would completely remove Linux from my computer anyways. I would like to keep both of my Operating Systems on the computer because I have to use Windows for school. If I have to, I'm willing to remove Fedora and fix the Windows bootloader, however I would much appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions to fix my problem but keep both operating systems installed. Thank you.

I also forgot to add that I'm not the most experienced Linux user out there so please simplify your answers as much as possible. Thank you.