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    changing distro on a dual boot machine

    Hi all, I have been dual booting kubuntu 14.04 and windows 8.1 for about a year now with the ultimate intention of breaking away from windows. However, I have had so many difficulties with kubuntu that I am now using windows for the majority of the time.

    I therefore experimented with deepin 14.2 on my backup laptop and have found it does exactly what I need with ease.

    I want to basically remove kubuntu and replace it with Deepin without losing windows 8.1 because it takes so damn long to reinstall!

    I don't really know how to go about doing this so wondered if anyone out there can help ?

    Thanks, Matt

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    Hi, Matt. You may format kubuntu partitions from deepin installer and install it on them. It will also install and configure grub for you.

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    i've never used deepin, and kubuntu only minimally, but just give the deepin installer your kubuntu partition to install on - should work, right? all distros I think will simply format the / partition, so that'll get rid of your kubuntu - now all you have to do is make sure your bootloader gets written properly, and has options for both deepin and win, but unfortunately, as i said, since i've never used deepin, i don't know..... as thirtynine said, then....


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