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    Moving Linux Mint to new disk and move /var on new partition

    I have installed LMDE2 on two disks:
    A: root partition
    B: /home partition.

    I am planning to buy new 1TB HDD and move /home from disk B to new one. I have two schemats:

    just move /home partition and resize to max capacity of this disk.

    create /home 1GB partition and move there only configs files for Linux and user's configs: .mozilla, .bashrc etc.

    create second partition and move there dir pictures, desktop etc. for user's files like video, music etc..
    create third partition for /var and move all logs from SSD disk.

    Do you think schemes 2 is safe?

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    Be warned /var contains more than logs. Package info is stored there also, this repository can become quite large.

    What's your thinking about having your rc files on a physically different disk to actual home data. My initial thoughts are this will be a nightmare, how do you propose to mount the data element into each users home at log on, cos I don't see it being viable using fstab.

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    this is perfectly viable.
    having a /home with only 1GB might prove a bottleneck pretty soon - you never know what else apps want to store in there.
    everything else can be done with symlinks (like e.g. Desktop on different partition, but still part of home folder.

    about safe:
    if you use gparted to do this it will throw appropriate warnings.

    if your intention is to save your SSD, not sure if that will solve it completely or even help.
    but i read the suggestion to move /var to its own partition somewhere.

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