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    2 problem. HELP!!!

    Hi i got 2 huge problem. I hope anyone might help me. Thank you for reading the drama script.

    1) When a boot from my linux suse 9.1 personal, it keeps getting stuck. It only boots in safe mode. But when it starts to partiton my harddisk after i made my choices it keeeps getting stuck @ 64 % . I even tried partition de harddisk in fdisk first, but i keep having the same problems . Clueless . Anytip.

    2) I did manage to install it @ school . But now I'm trying to install mysql. To do that in need to give permission to certian user to certian directory. But the problem is, my pc automaticly logs onto a user everytime i log in. When i tried to switch to root while in a user. It creates a session with yast open (fullscreen). If i close yast, so does the session. . A friend gave me this tip.

    Type: su > enter
    Type: root password > enter
    Now 'm supposed to have root previlage with the user .

    Gues not .You guys have anytip for me. How i could log in as root a different way or anytine, please help me

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    point 2.
    using a terminal and then entering "su" and then the root's password should give you superuser priviledge. However it won't give you all of the environmental stuff as well (so you may find that you can't find a particular program).

    So, enter "su -" followed by root's password (for that Linux) and your command prmpt should change (#) and you should get all of the superuser's access.

    as to point 1. is your hard disk okay? does it have sufficient room for all of the stuff that the install is putting on it?

    have fun


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