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    geforce fx5200 installation

    I bought the 5200 card and installed it in my PC. It works fine when I boot to Windows. When I boot to Linux, kudzu recognized that my old ATI card was not installed so it asked me if I want to uninstall its drivers. I said yes. Once booted up into Linux, at the command prompt I type startx to bring up Xwindows. I get a nasty error that is too long to print here. I assume it is because Xwindows has not been configured for my card. There used to be a command you can type to allow you to configure Xwindows. Anybody remember what it is? How can I get my system configured for the geforce card? Thanks

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    you can use "xf86config" which is textbased or "xf86cfg" which is graphical. You might also consider downlosding the nvidia drivers from

    Good Luck

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    To get it configured quickly, use "XFree86 -configure". That will create a new config file in the currect directory. Use the -xf86config option to XFree86 to try it out, and if it works, you can replace your old /etc/X11/XF86Config with it.
    But to get full support for that GeForce card, download nVidia's non-free driver from

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