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    hard-drive install redhat 9.0


    i have a dual boot: win2k server and rh 8.0. I want to upgrade rh 8.0 to rh 9.0. I have rh 9.0 iso's on my hdd but i d/l-ed them using win2k, so they are on an ntfs drive. Can I use these iso's to hard-drive install 9.0? I also have 20gbs of unpartitioned space which I can use, I just don't know how I can use it to solve this issue. (eg: ext3 format it?)

    I want to hard-drive install 9.0 for speed and to not waste cd-r's.

    Note: I can't mount an ntfs drive because i have a (very) diff. kernel. This is why I am upgrading to 9.0.

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    I believe disk images (ISO's) must be written to a CD. I could be wrong. I'm haven't installed Linux in any other way but isn't installation via network a possibility? If not, use a CDRW. I have many of them which come in handy at times like this.
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    i have read on that hard-drive install is possible. I can't imagine anything faster and that's why I'd like to do it. Thanks for your i nput though!

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    Indeed, RedHat's installation program has that functionality, but I wouldn't think that you can use a NTFS partition for it. Can't you start RH8, mount the NTFS partition there and copy/move the ISOs to your ext[23] partition? That will work.

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