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    Please recommand what Linux distrib I should install for my old laptop


    I need to install linux, and quite fast, for writing C/C++ programs.

    CPU type : Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor T2130
    speed : 1.86 GHz
    Front Side Bus : 533 MHz
    2nd level cache : 1 MB
    OS Geniuine Windows® Vista® Home Premium
    Memory standard : 2,048 (1,024 + 1,024) MB
    maxim : 2,048 MB
    tehnology : DDR2 RAM (667 MHz)
    Hard Disk capacity : 120 GB
    certificatie : S.M.A.R.T.

    I also have Windows 7 installed on C: and D: so I would need linux to fit in 10 GB, i remember linux also needed 2 partitions +swap. If linux i to extend more than 10 GB , up to 15 or max 20 guess I can give up some more space, but not too much. Thank you

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    There is wast amount of Linux related information on the net. It is essential you develop search skills, instead of waiting for someone to reply you'll get your answer instantly. This question of yours is one of most frequently asked.

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    Wanted a direct answer, searching doesn't help

    Yes, and there are alot of unknown distributions, and most for old computers are for computers older than my own. I will choose between debian, ubuntu 15 or mint 18.3, must also look at what desktop environment to use. I was hopeing for a direct answer for someone that writes C/C++ code in linux, there are too many to choose from and no direct answer.

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    linux mint

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    Writing code is not resource hog, although compiling may take some if the application written is huge. I fail to see what this has to do with Linux distribution chosen.

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    Theoretically, all you need is a simple editor and gcc.

    1. there are IDEs and some tools that may not be available for all distributions.
    2. I will also use web browser at least when being on linux, so I need to update firefox and the plug-ins to the latest version. I installed an old ubuntu 7 feisty if i'm not wrong and it's a pain, i want to get a new/newer/supported linux.

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    You can use any distros, but it depends on your linux skills. It also takes more effort to set up an IDE on linux than it does on iOS or Windows. It also depends on whether you are going to use an IDE and which one, OR are you going to use a text editor and then use a compiler. I use several IDEs because I use several different languages. But, when dealing with, say java, you have to set up your environment and you you have to use jde and not jre. But, you will run into issues where you have applications that need jre. You're going to need to know how to deal with these issues. Whether you go with a Debian or Arch distro, if you're not comfortable in using linux, it would be best to learn linux, then transfer over operations.

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