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    Question Stuck in Minimal Bash and can't get out

    Today 2/7/18 I did my regular routine, checked my software updater, and found a few entries, so I chose install updates. I did notice one update had "grub" in the description, but I did not bother to make any note of it. Well after a short time I checked to see if things completed. They had not and now my 16.04 install is locked up and stuck in "MINIMAL BASH". Grub> is all that appears. pressing TAB lists about 25 to 30 commands that can be added, but most wont work.
    Methinks I will have to reinstall from a CD copy
    an new load of my 16.04 or equivalent.
    Any suggestions from the experts will be appreciated.

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    You could boot from an external media and reinstall Grub, chroot may be needed, not sure, I'm not a Grub user myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fogey37 View Post
    ... "MINIMAL BASH". Grub>
    It's not bash, it's called the "grub rescue prompt", (weird name, I wonder if it's rescued anyone ever). I mention this because if you're googling that's the term.

    The first part of grub has loaded and it can't find the rest of grub.

    "super grub disk" exists to solve problems like this, and though I've never used it, I've seen it recommended often.

    The installation media for your distro, if you still have it, can likely be used to reinstall grub, but that might require some care and command line work.

    ... experts...

    Regards, John Little

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    Yea Whenever I crash my os and see Grub My life gets shorter
    Search on google they are many posts on how to but very complicated if u have time u can do it

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    it actually says

    minimal bash-like line-editing is supported
    so not bash.

    anyhow, the solution is to have a rescue cd with grub rescue.
    this one has saved me time and again.

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