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    How do i install ANY distro on a UEFI windows tablet Asus Vivotab

    I have tried the direct route and just downloaded every 32 bit UEFI and non UEFI compatible distro i could get my hands on, a few opened up their boot loader, but never went beyond that, otherwise the rest never did anything when i attempted to boot.

    The Asus vivotab TF810C is a wonderful tablet, especially when paired with its special keyboard which actually contains a second battery, resulting in an insane standby time and the thing i asume just because its designed that way, wont use much power regardless. Long story short i love how i only have to charge it once every 2 days. The other thing though is the built in wacom digitizer, i use this laptop almost exclusively for drawing. Odds are though no driver exists, but thats fine, i can make my own if need be.

    The weakness in this is that even on windows 10 it barely supports its own OS, i had to disable so many services to get it running nicely, but theres really no reason to justify wanting to run linux on ANY device (amirite:P).

    To clarify, even if by some twist of fate something like Lubuntu ran slower and less efficient than windows 10, i still want to use it for other reasons, such as in ways that windows forbids (wifi hardware dev/debugging and etc)

    Anyways, from what ive observed this thing is locked in UEFI mode, while there are bios settings to disable secure boot and UEFI, etc, certain ones return to their previous state as soon as you exit bios. that might be why no linux distro could run, it also may be something else, like the jealousy of bill gates.

    At this point im even open to manually programming the NAND, ROM or something, whichever applies here, or any other physical hacks.

    How do i go about installing a linux distro on this windows tablet? If enough cant be summized from this post, what information is neccesary to answer this question?

    Should i perhaps try posting a job/commission for this such as a custom distribution or something? and if so, how much is this job worth?

    Ill just note that i am attached to my vivotab, i would fork out even more than i paid for it or as much as a new tab which works the same way but also could easily run linux, to get linux running on this one. Also, while i say "linux" just to clarify im not a total novice, i simply mean linux in terms of any or every distribution. At this point im not picky, though a non-gui one would pretty much defeat the purpose, not that i still wouldnt install it if i had no other options.

    I keep getting told this but, i DO NOT want to emulate a linux machine or use WLS, i want to INSTALL linux on this device, and THIS device specifically, i dont want to go and buy another tablet/laptop/PC/etc. Ive asked similar questions to this before but in other places and somehow people draw the conclusion i want to run linux software on windows or that would be a solution to the problem. That or they ignored the question entirely since a few places did score points of sorts for answering.

    Anyway, thank you in advance and let me know if you need additonal info or some sort of data

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    not sure what to take from that, though i think i can disable secureboot fine, ill need to double check what one resets back, but i think arch linux might work if i change out something in the grub configuration file, ive heard of someone installing it successfully onto a vivotab before, same CPU too.

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    I'm not sure to completely understand your problem, but if you have boot issues you can try to download rEFInd iso and put it on a USB. It should allow you to boot Linux scanning HDD partitions and ignoring UEFI

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    ill give that a try thanks

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