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    making sure this is right

    k so i download all 3 iso files of RedHat 9 at RedHats website. when i double click the iso file it opens my cd burner and tells me to burn a cd. so i did that for all three iso files and now i have them on three cds. those cds are the only things that i need to install linux right. i just want to make sure i download the files and burned them right.

    one other question is when i was looking through the fisrt cd that i burned i saw a boot image file do i need to burn that to a cd to?

    any help would be appreciated thanks.

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    You can just put the first cd into the cdrom drive, restart your pc, make sure your bios is set to boot from cdrom. and I strongly suggest you to read Redhat installation guide before you actually start installing.
    here it is
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    I would not trust the way you burned them.

    See this site:

    look at the helpful stuff section at the side where you can check your md5sum of the iso and also see how to burn them correctly.

    and follow the instructions exactly.

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    The boot image is in case you have a faulty or old BIOS that cannot boot properly from CDs. In that case, you can use the program rawrite.exe that is on the same CD to write the boot image to a floppy and boot from that instead.

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