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    Solaris Linux Windows installation confuse

    I am going to ask about Linux LILO confusion, my problem like this:

    I tried to follow the instruction in this link:

    I created all these partitions as mentioned in the link above by using partition commander 9

    Fist stage:

    I installed XP in first partition (hda1)....success.

    Second stage:

    Install Mandrake 10.1

    I made the second primary partition as /boot not root (hda2).

    / (root not boot ) is had5 within Extended primary.

    When I tried to install Mandrake (10.1) using LILO bootloader it gave me these options:

    where do you want to install the bootloader?

    1- First sector of drive (MBR)
    2- First sector of the root partition
    3- On floppy
    4- Skip

    A- When I chose first option it was fine , I could see GUI of LILO with dual OSs. By the way when I checked the list of all configurations ,before I continoued with the process of installation , it said that your bootloader on /dev/hda,,,why didn't it say on /dev/hda1 (It did not specify as /dev/hda1 ,only general /dev/hda) ?

    B- When I chose second option, I could not see any thing, although /boot (hda2)was active.

    When I tried to activate, / (root or hda5) , I have seen funy characters L9 repeatedly filling the screen. (I have to activate this I guess, because I chose second option above, Am I right? ). Here it did say that my bootloader on /dev/hda5, (i.e. It did specify /dev/hda5 instaed of /dev/hda),,,why ?

    C- Why I can not see this option : "Fisr sector of the boot partition", instead of, "First secotr of the root partition" ?
    As you know that bootloader should be in the /boot section, if it is separated from the root,,,which is my case ? Am I right ?

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    I am not going into great detail lenth. When at shell prompt
     lilo -s /tmp/linux.bin
    copy the linux.bin to your windows boot directory
    add to the boot.ini
    This is for your option 2 you listed. Please remember untill you do the above you will not be able to boot to linux unless you make a linux boot disk with you config on it.
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