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    back up of install

    when I got my first pc with windows i messed it up so many times but I had packard bells recovery disks to get it working again.

    Now I've got red hat on my pc, I have to admit its taken me 3 weeks to get it fully functional, I had major aggro with the modem and sound but its all working now, and I would rather not go thru a week of trial and error modem configuring. Is there any way I can back up my hardware configoration on to a disk? or make my own boot cd that would restore everything?

    My dad said if I put the hard drive as a slave in his window98 machine we could do a back up in norton ghost.
    Would this work?

    Thanks for reading

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    yeah, that *should* work, but it would only be good for the computer you are using red hat on. You can image the drive as is and then if you ever lose your other drive due to failure etc. then you could just transfer that image back on to the drive and it *should* work.
    This takes into account that norton ghost must support linux filesystems and your dad must have enough space to make the image on his drive.

    I have never done this, so wait to see if others' consolidate my thinking here.

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    Norton Ghost mustn't necessarily now the filesystem on the disk, right? Doesn't it just copy the data in raw mode? That's why it only works to restore a norton image on _exactly_ the same hardware setup and partitioning scheme as the one you used to snapshot the image. It isn't like I've actually made a ghost of any partition, though, that's just the idea that I have got from people using it.

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    Install Mondo and create an image to burn on a cd...if it crasches you just have to install with the mondo cd... but i dont know if it can handle dualbooting os:s....i dont know whats happening with the windows partition.. But i think it can work..



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