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    Re-Installing without /sbin/lilo

    Hi folks!!

    Recently, my Gentoo died (1 minute of silence please xD). I posted in may places for answers but didn't get away with a solution. So i decided to reinstalling it again. In fact i wouldn't mind installin t over and over again, the only problem is that i have on the same machine the motherf*cking WindozeXP......and i REALLY REALLY hate installing WinbugsXP.

    I use LILO, and i always have this problem that if i have dual boot with LILO working fine and i make a new installation and /sbin/lilo to the MBR, i CANNOT boot anymore the Winbugs partition. Don't know why, i just now that always happens no matter wich distro i use.

    And my question is.... if making THIS BELOW the *thing* will work...

    1-format the / and /boot partition

    2-I make the SAME Gentoo installation that was before BUT during the installation i make the SAME lilo.conf and DO NOT /sbin/lilo

    3-Will Gentoo and WinbugsXP boot again???

    PD: resuming,...repeat the same steps for installation but i omit installing LILO to the MBR and make the same lilo.conf that was before......All archives, kernel image, kernel map, bla bla bla in the same place the *old* LILO in the MBR had before...

    any answer is really apreciated and thanked in advance!!!

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    ni theroy it should if all the settings are the same if u dont install windows or run fixmbr from the winblows cd between the last time that u /sbin/lilo and the time that u installed linux again and the name of the kernel and all other info is exactly the same as was at the time that u last did a /sbin/lilo
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    loft306: i really thank you those airs of hopes....
    i'll try to make it, will post the results soon..

    i really thank you for your comment!!!!!!!!

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    You could use Grub instead, which I reccomend doing anyways.
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