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    Blank Screen upon bootup ? help?

    I finished installing Mandrake Linux 10.1 Community and havbe faced the following problem:

    It loads the bar in the beginning but after that the screen goes completely blank

    :drown: :drown:

    I checked the install many times and changed my video card selection multipule times, my video card is the NIVDIA GeForce MX or 2 MX and MX does not seem to be on the list, i tried the generic GeForce but it did not work

    my friend ian is getting Fedora for me to see if maybe its just the fact that Mandrake does not run on my computer.

    If anybody has had this kind of problem and has solved it before or if you know what is going on please send me a reply.

    Some helpful things (?):

    AMD Athlon (roughly 1001 mhz)
    NIVDIA GeForce (1-2) MX
    128 MB RAM

    Version of Linux attmepted Installing MAndrake 10.1 Community public release

    Old version of Windows: ME ( uke: )

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    Have you tried a different moniter?

    Try Mandrake 10.1 official, which has less bugs than Cumunity which was a Beta (test) relase.

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