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    Red Hat Installation Checklist Queries

    Hi, I’m looking to install Red Hat Linux in the very near future. I snagged a pre-installation checklist from here. There are a few questions on it which are beyond me. If anyone can resolve them for me (or at least tell me I don’t have to worry about them), I’d be much obliged. I have been using Device Manager and a utility called AIDA to glean information about my hardware.

    To which port is your mouse connected ? What IRQ ? How do you ascertain the IRQ of a mouse? Clicking “properties” on the mouse in Device Manager did not help.

    [talking about CD-R drives] On which drive interface [1st IDE, 2nd IDE, 3rd IDE, 4th IDE, master/ slave, SCSI, proprietary interface] and which drive [drive 1 , drive 2, SCSI-ID 5] is the CDROM connected (e.g. drive 2 of 1st IDE, SCSI-ID 5 of built- in SCSI interface) ? How do you ascertain this information? Also, how can you tell if something is master or slave?
    Have you prepared a "floor-plan" for your disks ? Tip: A floor-plan is a document which lists: each disk, its total size, its connectivity to the PC (primary/ secondary, master/ slave), existing and planned partitions of each disk, and the Linux mount point on each partition which will be used by Linux. A careful planning at this stage will avoid a lot of hassles for you during the installation. You must prepare this step with utmost care and foresight. Again, how do you ascertain this information? How can you tell if a disk is master or slave? How do you ascertain the Linux mount point on each partition which will be used by Linux?

    VDU Control card : make and model ? Is this different to the video card?

    What RAMDAC do you have ? What is RAMDAC? Where can I find info on it?

    Is this info really required?:
    • How many ISA spare slots do you have ?
    • How many EISA spare slots do you have ?
    • How many VESA spare slots do you have ?
    • How many PCI spare slots do you have ?
    • How many other (describe) spare slots?
    If so, how do I ascertain it?

    Is this really necessary?:
    Tip: Try to make a consolidated hardcopy list of I/O addresses, IRQs, DMA-addresses used by the different devices in your machine. Take care to find out the configuration details of your VDU- driver card, Ethernet card, SCSI card etc.

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    Is this info really required

    It does seem to be usefull read tho...

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