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    Dual Booting Help

    I want to install red hat linux 9 on my machine along with windows xp home edition. I need to know how this is done. I have almost never messed with the BIOS system on my PC and have no experience with it.
    My computer is a Compaq Pressario 6000 with the following speciffications:

    OS: Windows Experience Home Ediditon
    RAM: 1,000 MB
    Hard Drive: 120 gigs
    Processor: Pentium 4 2.67Ghz
    Network: SpeedStream 2600 Wireless (controlled through XP)
    Connection: Cable about 400 mbps

    i would really appreciate some detailed help or a link to a site that may help me with the setup. thanks


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    well i guess one of the first things is to partition your harddrive to make room for linux. so how much space to you want to give linux to use. and i was told when you make the linux swap partition to make that double your ram but i dont think you would have to since you have almost a gig of ram. for partitioning i would recommend partition magic 8 it cost like 70-80 bucks not exactly sure on the price but it works great, i love it.

    once you have your partitions set up all you have to do is make sure your bios is set to boot from the cd and then pop in the redhat 9 cd and your off. if you need more help jst ask im always willing to help

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    Thanks big_k105 im looking into Partition Magic 8 it looks great. it should help alot. i dont know anything about BIOS (only used it twice) so how exactly do i make it boot from a cd. Thanks for everything,


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    Something like partition magic can be downloaded from your favourite warez supplier, but you should consider purchasing a legit copy to add the continued development of the software.

    Once you have made a seperate partition on your hard disk, you need to download 3 .iso files. thse can be downloaded from:

    the files you need are:

    Once you have downloaded them, you need to use an application such as nero burning rom to get this stored correctly onto a CD.

    The correct way to do it is here:

    Then, with CD 1 in the drive, restart the PC. It should automatically give you the linux installation screen.

    Follow on screen instructions.


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    Quote Originally Posted by QzarBaron
    i dont know anything about BIOS (only used it twice) so how exactly do i make it boot from a cd.
    When you first boot up, the bios normally does a check of memory and such. While on the first 'splash' screen, hit DEL and it should take you into the bios. Under the one of the menus (depends on the bios, but it's usually something like 'Advanced CMOS Settings') change the boot order to A:, CDROM, C: save your changes and reboot. Now it should check the cdrom for a boot disc (RH disc 1).


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    Thanks everybody u helped me alot. I decided to buy Partition Magic(my hard drive needs to be organized) and im buying Red Hat Linux 9. I really like linux and have been wanting to get it for months but did not know you could dual boot with windows. Im learning to program im allready fluent in Visual Basic.Net(Picked it becouse it was object oriented) and am starting on C++. Im kind of young just 13, but this stuff is not as hard as it seems(once you know one language the rest are much easier to learn) Thanks again.

    #include <iostream.h>
    int Main()
    cout<<" Thanks everybody!";
    return 0;

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    No probs.

    Its always good to have more programmers around, and good to see people getting into programming at such a young age. When you're young its a lot easier to learn new things, so you will have a great advantage in the future if you stick with it.

    I do straight C myself in a Unix/Linux environment which can be a lot of fun (especially debugging /methings *segfaults*).

    See ya on the board (to quote FLW)


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    Unless I'm mistaken, it's more efficient to use:

    using namespace std;

    rather than including the whole header. If I'm wrong, I'll be glad to be corrected.
    "Time is an illusion. Lunchtime, doubly so."
    ~Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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    The way I did it was to just not install a linux boot loader. anytime I want to use linux I just stick in the boot floppy and it goes straight to linux. If I leave it out it goes straight to windows. You can even speed it up by taking an image of teh boot floppy and burning it to a CD.

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