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    FIPS Vs partition


    I have a machine with just the primary partition that spans 9 gigs.I have windows 98 on it.But I wanted to partition this primary without losing windows and use the new partition for linux. My problem is "partition" that comes with the standard installation is not of much use as it would overwrite my existing partition.I could use FIPS but FIPS would partition it only if there is free space at the end of the partition.I have de fraged my partition and tried using FIPS but it would fail.Are there any other partiton tools that I can use to partition my primary without losing windows on the primary.

    Also is it always required that the boot partition of linux be always installed in the first few sectors of the primary partition like crappy windows?.I hope not.

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    If you need a boot partition at all or not depends on your BIOS. If your BIOS can access the entire hard drive, you will not need a boot partition. Otherwise, you will need one in the beginning of the drive.

    As for a good partitioning tool, try GNU Parted.

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