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    well i went to remove windows from my notebook. i deleted the C:\ partition where windows was installed and it`s gone. but i have a question maybe someone could answer, there was another partition kinda big with 512mb left i dont remember how big it was though it was not huge, and it was listed as E:\ and there is nothing else that i know of there. maybe this is extra for the cd-rom i`m thinking. i don`t know. anyone have a clue or if this should/could be removed as far as i know i don`t need it.

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    I'd guess your E:\ might have been a recovery partition. Whatever. Yes, you will be able to delete it with Linux. Depending on what distro, if you use Fedora or Mandrake and I'm sure most others, the install process will give you the option of leaving it intact or deleting it. If you haven't decided how you want your Linux partitioned, you should search these forums. You'll find lots of good discussion and some good opinions
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