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    damn small linux drive partition?

    I am a pretty new to linux and i have recently burned a cd with damn small linux on it. It's a live linux cd and i wanted to be able to save some of the stuff i have on it on a hard disk, however i don't know how to setup a drive partition that this linux would be able to use to save on. My currect computer runs windows xp on one drive and i have an extra drive with 4 gigs of unpartitioned space on it that i wanted to be freed up so i could save anything i do with damn small linux on it.

    Please help

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    Boot into linux, use fdisk to partition your 2nd hard drive. Then use mkfs.ext3 to put a filesystem on it. Then mount it and save your files to it. What might be easier is to just get a distro and install it on your 2nd hard drive. Then you can just dual boot.

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    hmm, im a noob when it comes to linux, could you please be a little more excat so. the drive i want to partition for the linux is the 3rd harddrive is there anyway i can be assure that this is the one im partitioning with the linux partitioner, i got some important files on the other two hardrives.

    thanks so far

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    Linux always names the hard drives exactly as they are arranged on your IDE busses. /dev/hda is your primary master, /dev/hdb is your primary slave, /dev/hdc is your secondary master, and so on. So, if you by your third hard drive are referring to your secondary master, try just doing this:
    fdisk /dev/hdc
    (Partition it as you want it)
    mkfs.ext3 /dev/hdc
    mkdir /mnt/files
    mount /dev/hdc /mnt/files

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    thanks dolda2000, that worked.

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