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    Dual boot linux/mac

    I hear a whole lotta talk about dual booting linux with windows, but what about dual booting linux with a mac OS? I'm asking because there's some software (games, mostly) that can't run on Linux, even with Wine. All of the games I want are, however, Mac compatible. I'd prefer Windows, but it's so expensive. Like, almost one hundred dollars for XP, as I'm sure you know. But Mac OS 8.5 sells for like, 39 dollars. I'vd got an IBM Thinkpad - would there be any problems with this?

    Also, would buying something like this be a good idea? Because most of the cr*p I want is Windows 95 compatible too.

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    Are you thinking of putting the MAC 0S on the IBM Thinkpad?
    I don't know a lot about Thinkpads, but I think they come with Intel/AMD procesors, which ae x86 architecture, these will not work with Mac OS's, which use PPC (PowerPC) architecture, which is almost exclusively made by Mac themselves;

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    I figured there'd be something like that. Thanks.

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    just for referance, dual booting linux on PPC is quite easy, ist just that the mac hardware is much less common and so expensive, that most buyers are happy with mac osx. But I do belive that sarumont ran gentoo on his ibook for a while, ive played with the idea, but my ibook blew its logic board and i've yet to replace it.
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