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    Mandrake 9.1 : Alcatel Speedtouch Problems


    I imagine from what I have been reading that this is old hat now but here I am nevertheless having not managed to get any instructions I have found on this problem to work. I am not even a Linux newby and I still cannot get this stuff to work

    So, I installed Mandrake 9.1 with pretty much everything installed, so USB and PPP and so on are all there.

    It quite happily detects that I have the Speedtouch but tells me I need mgmt.o. Well, this is no longer available from the proper site Mandrake tells you to go to but apparently you can use the alcaudsl.sys windows version because this is just some firmware.

    I installed the Speedtouch driver stuff from the SourceForge project so that I have modem_run available in sbin.

    modem_run -f /usr/share/speedtouch/alcaudsl.sys

    takes about a minute but then just comes back to the command line, no errors or anything. Apparently you do

    ppp call adsl

    to start the connection. But I am still not online.

    INTERESTINGLY my ADSL connection parameters seem to have managed to get a DNS Primary IP from somewhere and this looks like the one on my Windows installation, so I am assuming somehow it has managed to do something.

    The error I get when I use a web browser is UNKNOWN HOST. I get this for PING and TRACEROUTE also.

    Do I need to setup something else on top of the Speedtouch install or have I just done it wrong?

    Your help very much appreciated. If you can help me - I may move away from Windows!!! There's an incentive for you all KDE 3.1 looks cool.

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    Does pppd give you any errors, either in the terminal or in the syslog?

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    No not on the command line at all. It gives nothing. Just returns me to the command.

    The only other log I looked at was /var/log/messages and there were some odd USB errors but I am at work now and cannot remember their precise nature.

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