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    Removable harddrive tray; booting/installing-difrnt machines

    I would like to install fc3 both 32 and 64 bit on a removable drive tray with a 120GB drive. The 32 bit would be used in an athlon xp machine at school and the 64 bit would be used with my athlon 64 at home.

    Since both are fc3 I was wondering if more partitions can be shared between the two. I'll be installing the 64bit this weekend and will have to wait until tuesday to install (again) at school. I guess the main reason I want to do this is to have my pesonal data files shared transparently between the two but I also felt that perhaps the programs can also share some common files.

    How much easier/safer would it be to install i386 on both?

    One other problem with the tray at school is not every system has it set to hda, on some its hdb. If I try to boot with the cable switched it can't find the swap partition on hda (since it is on hdb) and stops. I don't know how/if it would have problems with other partitions since it stops. On windows based machines the BIOS appears to control which is c or d as it would switch them if you were to boot from ide(1) instead of ide(0). Any way to make fc3 behave the same?

    FC3 (or 2) is a requirement right now at school for some classes I'm taking but after some installs rewriting the mbr of the internal drives instead of using just the removable tray drive (didn't matter which was primary/secondary and internal was deselected from part of install) that might eventually change.

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    I'm not 100% sure about the whole changing drives around thing. But you can make a partition someware were you could keep all your data files, I'm not sure if you would be able to share the /home dir since it contains hidden files for KDE, gnome etc, and I'm not sure if they will work with the 32bit and 64bit difference.

    I hope this gives some insight into the matter;

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