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    Ok i had a problem, fixed it myself but....

    Ok I had a problem, fixed it myself but dont like how. ok i was compileing grapevine or whatever on my main partition for linux. the one that all the main files were located on. but it ran out of room and got canceled. then i came here asked a couple questions then had to reboot(cant remember why). and when it booted up. during the boot it came to a point where it gave me an error about no room on the drive or partition or something like that. and it gave me a couple options. one of which was to go into a terminal thing. to fix it manually.....the thing is i didnt know what to do from there. and i want to know what i could have done for future reference, and overall knowledge. thx

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    The first thing I'd have thought of would be to go to the grapevine source directory and run "make clean", which removes all already compiled intermediary files in that source tree. You could also have removed everything in the /tmp directory ("rm -rf /tmp/*").
    Remember, you can always use the df command to see how much space you have. It is indicated in blocks, each being 1024 bytes. You can use "df -h" to get a more readable format.

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