I am attempting at taking my first real stab at Linux. I admit I have been rather shy at doing so in the past. Familiarity does breed content good or bad.

Anyhow, I have a brand new system coming with a single 160 GB SATA drive in it. It is coming with no OS on it. I have to put Windows 2003 on it definitely. I figured now may be a great time to put some version of Linux on it. I have read through other posts and keep coming across dual booting with 9x,2000, NT so I will assume the 2003 is possible as well.

Any suggestions as to what others would do if they were presented with this scenario? What version of Linux? Grub or Lilo? I have gathered that Windows must go on first. I'd really like to hear what others would do as far as how many and how big to make the partitions. The system is NOT comimg with a floppy drive (though I could certainly put one in if need be) but it does have a bootable CD Rom in it.

Thanks in advance.