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    Boot to hda5 linux partion from rescue disk.

    Gave up on dual boot. My boss will not alow MBR write, he would freek if he saw it.

    What is the command to boot hda5 with SUSE rescue CD, I can do this OK.

    Could you all tell me if this not possible so I won't waste my time.

    Thanks Steve.

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    You need a Grub boot disk. If you set it up right, you will be able to pop it in, boot and get the Grub menu to select what OS to boot. I think you'll have a problem with using the rescue disk if you want to boot your installed system, because the CD will only use it's own kernels and initrd instead of the ones you set up during install. You can, however, use the CD to get into Linux (hopefully as a live CD vs. rescue mode: I don't think you can do this in rescue) and then enter 'info grub' to see how to create a Grub boot floppy so you can boot into your installed system.

    If you have a Grub boot floppy, at the Grub prompt, this might get you booted:
    grub>  root (hd0,4)
    grub>  kernel /boot/vmlin <tab>&#40;*see notes&#41;  ro root=/dev/hda5
    grub>  initrd /boot/init <tab>
    grub>  boot
    *Notes: Like bash, Grub has a "filename completion" feature, where when you hit the <tab> key, Grub will give you a list of files which match what you have given so far: read the list, add a character or two, hit tab again and so on until the filename is complete. If you get no matching filenames with the above, there is a problem that will need to be sorted and it will involve finding the names of the kernel and initrd and where they are.
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