Maybe you all would like to know how I set up XP and Linux to dual boot using boot.ini.

1. I had a drive d: on my laptop system CD burner.
2. I used XP disk managment to remove partion--make it unused space.
3. I installed suse to this psrtion--hda7 in my case--format hda7 xtf3. Also creat partion for swap.
4. Important--write grub to hda7 NOT MBR

5. DOwnloaded Knoppix a CD pased linux from Internet.
6 Burned ISO CD with CDBurn XP Pro--free software
7. Boot Knoppix CD
8. xtf3 file systems will be mounted read only and ICON is on desctop.
9. Right click on ICON sellect umount.
10. right click permissions, go to tab and uncheck read only
11. rightclick and remount file systen

12. do this command dd if=/dev/hda7 of=/mnt/hda7/bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1

13. Reboot to Windows

14. Now ther is a free utility available on the net called explore2fs if can read xft file systems and export files to your XP file system. It will automaticly see your Unix Partion. Use it to transfer bootsect.lnx to C:\

15. edit add

Reboot System and it will let you chose eather system via boot.ini.

If you have questions feel free to e-mail me.