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    installing gcc 2.91.66 without disturbing existing gcc 3.3.3


    I have to do an assignment in real time linux. For this I need to install the 2.4.4 kernel and apply a real time patch to that. While I was compiling the kernel It was exiting with errors. In the read me file it is mention that that version of kernel need to be compiled using gcc 2.91.66.

    For this I downloaded two files from the site.
    egcs-1.1.2.tar.bz2 and egcs-1.1.2.tar.gz. I want install this version of gcc, but at the same time I dont want to loose my existing gcc 3.3.3. One of my friends said that it is really possible to install both the versions of gcc with different names and make use of them.

    What is the procedure for that? and also I have a doubt regarding the versions of gcc. Why is it that gcc not maintaining any downward compatability which is an essential feature of any software. I have gcc 3.3.3 ( which is an advanced version compared to 2.91.66 ) using I am not able to compile a program which can be compiled using gcc 2.91.66.

    Thanks in Advance.

    King Krsna

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    I think that you can just install the new version and then select which one you use with the -V tag in gcc.

    See that link and grep for -V (case sensitive).
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    Actually I want to install a previous version of gcc. and I am not going to run any of the command from the terminal. all I want to run i s make bzImage which requires the above said older version of gcc. Ideally I would like to install this older version of gcc in another location, without conflicting the existing version of gcc. Please tell me can I go about doing this.

    Your advice is the most awaited.

    K. Krishna Chaitanya

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    Like said you can install it and use the /usr/bin/gcc symlink to control what version to use.

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    Can you please elaborate on the topic as I am a newbie to linux. Can you please provide me with the actual steps about doing the same.

    Please start with what should I do with the two above mentioned files.

    K. Krishna Chaitanya

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    To install it without overwriting your existing gcc, put it in some place like /opt/gcc-2.91.66 and set CC=/opt/gcc-2.91.66/bin/gcc before you start compiling to use it. Odd that you choose that version, I seem to remember 2.95.3 being the minimum reccomended version (also, the reccomended version) to compile kernels with.

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    But in the readme file for compiling the rtlinux it was mentioned that 2.91.66 is the version required. I will try the way you suggested.

    Thank you,
    K. Krishna Chaitanya

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